When the snows fall

and the white winds blow,

the lone wolf dies,

but the pack survives.

- A Game of Thrones.

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A Song of Ice and Fire is the ongoing fantasy masterpiece by George R. R. Martin.

Recent Updates:

  • A bit of news on the ASOIAF front - Voyager, GRRM's U.K. publisher, states that book four is now named A Feast for Crows, with book five being A Dance With Dragons! I wonder what this is all about?

  • So I've been very very bad recently. I havent updated in awhile and all the changes promised never came into fruitation. But never fear you faithful GRRM fans, we're going to do something special for you guys real soon. I just need to figure out what... - Relic

  • Well, I'm sorry for the recent lack of updates to the site. I've been pretty busy lately. A major piece of news though, this site is not going to be around for much longer. We're moving to a new server and to a new look, so the ugly format of this site will be ditched for something more streamlined and alot easier on the eye. I'll be posting much more about the move in the coming weeks. - Relic

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  • News:

    A recent e-mail from GRRM for all of you not on his mailing list:

  • I wanted to bring you all up to date on some on some of the latest publication plans for A SONG OF ICE AND FIRE.

    Bantam Spectra has just informed me of their plans to issue the first three volumes (and presumably the later ones as well) as trade paperbacks. This will be the first time that the books have been available in this format in the American market. All three volumes will be released simultaneously in trade paperback in June, 2002. This will also be the first American edition of A STORM OF SWORDS.

    The mass market paperback of A STORM OF SWORDS will be postponed until some time in 2003. The exact pub date has not yet been set.

    (For those of you unfamiliar with publishing jargon, a "trade paperback" is the same size as a hardback, but with soft covers, while a "mass market paperback" is the smaller paperback you see at grocery stores and on spinner racks.)

    In addition, Bantam will also be releasing a new hardcover edition of A GAME OF THRONES, something that many readers have been requesting, since the first edition hardcover has become so expensive and hard to find. This new second edition will feature a cover design incorporating the Steve Youll art from the paperback, which will bring it into line with the current hardcover look of A CLASH OF KINGS and A STORM OF SWORDS. The new hardcover edition has also been scheduled for June, 2002.

    The series is also doing quite well overseas, and I have been signing a lot of contracts for foreign editions. Italy and Israel will both be continuing with the series, I am pleased to say, and Japanese, Portugese, Chinese (Taiwan), and Korean editions of A GAME OF THRONES are now in the works. This will be the first time that any of my work has been translated into Portugese, Chinese, or Korean, to the best of my knowledge.

    On the personal front, I had a wonderful three weeks in Spain, where I visited some old friends and made some new ones, drank too much sangria and ate too many tapas, saw some fantastic museums, Roman ruins, and castles, and enjoyed some wonderful Spanish and Catalan hospitality. And in about a week I will be heading east, for a visit to New York City and my family in Bayonne, followed by the World SF Convention in Philadelphia. I hope I will see many of you there.

    Oh... yes, I'm still working on that pesky fourth book as well. I hope to read a few chapters from it at Philcon.

    George R.R. Martin

  • You can read a transcript of George RR Martin's latest chat at Barnes and Noble on November 2, 2000. Several of the ezboard members were able to ask him questions.

  • There's a new interview with the master scribe posted at: Outland Online
  • Hunter Rose has done an incredible job of putting together chapter summaries for GAME OF THRONES and CLASH OF KINGS. A link to them has been added to the Links page. It's a great resource for those preparing for STORM OF SWORDS!

  • Amazon.co.uk is shipping A STORM OF SWORDS! That's right, if you can't wait for the October release of the US edition you can order it here.
  • Links to the Prologue and the first POV chapter from STORM OF SWORDS have been added to the Links page.
  • You can read a review of A STORM OF SWORDS written by LindaElane.
  • Mr Martin has given a brand new interview to Amazon in anticipation of the publication of A STORM OF SWORDS. Beware: He reveals the new POV, and some information about the development of Stannis, so do not read the interview if you do not want to know. To read it, click here: Interview. -Thanks to Tom O for providing this link!
  • US paperback release of A CLASH OF KINGS has been delayed until September. For those who want a softback version NOW, you can order it from the UK. To find some UK internet booksellers, check out my order page!
  • A STORM OF SWORDS will have about 1000 pages, and it will include new maps. I have seen the proofs. There are exactly 924 pages of regular text, and it runs 978 pages, including the extensive appendix.
  • The awesome forum Dragonsworn is back! Right in time for A STORM OF SWORDS also!! Go ahead and post your thoughts, and enjoy the multitude of features.
  • It is confirmed: Martin has a deal with Bantam books to publish SIX books in this series! Book 3 will be called A STORM OF SWORDS, Book 4 will be called A Feast Of Crows, Book 5 will be called A Dance with Dragons, and Book 6 will be called A TIME FOR WOLVES. (Martin says that he may change the name of book 6)
  • A number of people have helped me with this site since it started over one year ago. I would like to thank them.

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