Web Sites about the series:

  • Westeros is the incredible site hosting the Heraldry of the Seven Kingdoms, So Spake Martin, and a MUSH based on the series.

  • Hunter Rose has done an incredible job of creating chapter summaries for GAME OF THRONES and CLASH OF KINGS. A great reference for those preparing for STORM OF SWORDS. Great stuff!!

  • Winterfell is another nice site which has undergone extensive renovations, and hosts a fantasy discussion forum.

  • Harrenhall is also a cool site, with great backgrounds

  • The Denver Science Fiction & Fantasy Book Club has a neat page on Martin, with great pictures and lots of information.

  • Kings Landing is an awesome site, with great layouts and looks like the beginning of a great faq!

  • Isle of Faces is great, with a page dedicated to theories.

  • Message Boards:

  • The Ezboard Messageboard

  • The Dragonsworn Discussion Forums

  • The Eesite Archival Messageboard

  • The Legends ' Bulletin Board

  • The City of Ravens Messageboard

  • Sample chapters:

  • Martin has written a short story set in the Seven Kingdoms.
    Preview "The Hedge Knights."

  • Preview the first chapter from A GAME OF THRONES

  • Preview Arya's first chapter from ACOK

  • Preview a Tyrion chapter from A CLASH OF KINGS.

  • Preview the Prologue from A STORM OF SWORDS.

  • Preview the first POV chapter from STORM OF SWORDS. The file is in pdf format. In order to view the file you will need Adobe Acrobat Reader, which you can download here.

  • Websites about the Author:

  • Learn more about the author, George R.R. Martin

  • Buy fantastic ASOIAF T-shirts from Mystic Spiral Traders directly from Martin's web site.