-The Epic Fantasy Series by
George R.R. Martin
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  A Song of Ice and Fire Personality Test    Version 1.3
  Find out which A Song of Ice and Fire character you are most like!
For each question, select the option that best describes your personality then click the Who Am I? button at the bottom of the page.
1. Like a Good Party?
Yes Not Much

2. Is social justice important to you?
Yes Not Very

3. Romantic?
Yes Not Really

4. Nice looking?
People tell me so. Not Really.

5. Promiscuous?
Yes No

6. Get angry easily?
From time to time. Not Really

7. Brave?
Usually Run away! Run away!

8. Complain a lot?
I may. No.

9. Always looking to the future or the past?
the future the past

10. Great sense of humor?
One of my best traits. Hey - people laugh. Not me.

11. Want (or wanted) children?
Yes No

12. Like to put up a good fight? (physically)
If it comes to it. No way.

13. Honor is important?
Very much. That's for suckers.

14. Like to have Power?
Yes No

15. Impulsive?
Yes Not Really

16. Loyal?
Yes No

17. Good communicator?
I'm pretty good. Not Really.

18. Considerate of others?
I try to be. People say I'm not.

19. Willing to co-operate?
Usually. Obedience was never my strong suit.

20. Deprived of what you deserve?
Yes. I'm not deprived.

21. Willing to learn?
Agree Strongly Disagree

22. Athletic?
Yes No

23. Good with people?
Yes Not Really

24. Like to Travel?
Yes Not much

25. Regarding money:
I try to be generous. It is important, why give it away?

26. Willing to do justice?
That's for suckers Yes

27. Admired as a youth?
Yes No

28. Is romance with someone older than you appealing?
Yes Not Really

29. Like nice clothes?
Yes Not Really.

30. Tend to bear grudges?
Yes Not Really.

31. Ruthless?
Pretty much No

32. Scruffy lookin'?
Kinda No

33. Care about Reputation?
Yes Not much

34. Practical and down to earth?
Yes No

35. Patient in seeking revenge?
Generally. but you will see me win out, I believe. No

36. Regarding sex
It's great, but I won't betray my spouse.
I perfer my own gender.
Someday I will find the perfect partner.
Gods and dogs have deprived me of it.
I'm much too young.
Rape is the best.
It would not be right for me at present.
Modesty is not important.
Do what you will but don't get caught.
I miss it.
Whores are great.
Over 12? Yes!.
Someone just like me - but of the opposite gender, please.
I would protect and cherish the one I care for, even if my affection was not returned.
I obsess about someone I once loved.

A Song of Ice and Fire and related copyrights are property of George R.R. Martin. This test is for entertainment only.