The characters are listed in alphabetical order, by their last name (if they have one).
If a character has 'THK' next to his/her name, it means that the character is from The Hedge Knight.
I want to thank James for providing me the character List from The Hedge Knight.

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Achron -
From Tyrosh, his brother attended Khal Drogo's party where the Khal met his future bride, Daenerys Targaryen. top

Aethelmure (Grand Maester) -
A boring Grand Maester from the past. top

A guardsman at Winterfell top

Arlan (Ser)- (THK)
The hedge knight that trained Dunk. top

Arryk (Ser) -
A legendary hero of the Kingsguard, twin to Ser Erryk. Ser Arryk and Erryk killed each other in the war called 'the Dance of Dragons' top

Arryn, Jon (Lord) -
Lord of the Eyrie, he fostered Eddard Stark and Robert Baratheon as wards. Later, he married Lysa Tully and became Eddard's brother-in-law, and became King Robert's first hand. He discovered that the heir Joffrey and his siblings are children of incest by Queen Cersei Lannister and her brother Jaime. He is poisoned with the Tears of Lys after his discovery, and dies. top

Arryn, Lysa (Lady) -
She was very young when she married the much older Lord of the Eyrie, Jon Arryn. She suffered many miscarriages before she was able to give birth to her only child, sickly Robert. She spoiles Robert greatly, and will not allow anyone to take him away from her. After her husband was murdered by the Lannisters, she escaped to the Eyrie and is now isolating herself there. She is considered unstable by everyone around her, including her sister Catelyn Stark. top

Arryn, Robert (Lord) -
Sickly child of Jon and Lysa Arryn, Lord of the Eyrie after Jon Arryn's death. He is greatly spoiled by his mother Lysa. He spends his time trembling and demanding prisoners 'fly' to their deaths out the moon door. Lysa is obsessed with him, will not have him out of her site top

Ashford, Androw (Ser) (THK)-
Son of Lord Ashford. He was one of the first champions of his sister for the tourney. He was defeated by Ser Tybolt during the first fight. top

Ashford, Robert (Ser) (THK)-
Son of Lord Ashford. He was one of the first champions of his sister for the tourney. He was defeated by Ser Lyonel but only after breaking ten lances and fighting on the ground. top

Ayrmidion -
Author of Engines of War, a rare, and valuable book. top


Baelor (The Blessed) -
A legendary man who was very honorable. top

Baratheon, Joffrey (King, Joff) -
Supposedly the King Robert Baratheon's heir, but actually the first son of twins Cersei and Jaime Lannister. He becomes King after his King Robert is slain by a boar. Joff is moodly, cruel and proud: His entertainment is commanding people to duel to the death, or hacking off some of their limbs. When his betrothed Sansa Stark asked for mercy for her father, Lord Eddard Stark, he agreed, but ended up beheading Lord Stark. He plans to kill the traitors Robb Stark, Renly and Stannis Baratheon, who have named themselves kings of the realm. top

Baratheon, Lyonel (Ser, The Laughing Storm.) (THK)-
He would laugh during the battles and break off the crest of the helmet of defeated foes and throw them into the crowd. He fought with Dunk in the Trail of Seven. top

Baratheon, Myrcella (Princess) -
Supposedly the daughter of King Robert Baratheon, but actually she is the beautiful daughter of the twins Cersei and Jaime Lannister. Unlike her brother Joffrey, she is nice and sweet natured. top

Baratheon, Renly (King) -
Handsome and light hearted younger brother of King Robert Baratheon and member of his council. After Robert's death, he asks the Hand Lord Eddard Stark capture Joffrey Baratheon and siblings to force Queen Cersei's hand, but Stark refuses. He escapes to Highgarden, marries Margery Tyrell and proclaims himself King of the realm. top

Baratheon, Robert (King) -
King Robert was a miserable king indeed, as he preferred to eat, drink, fight and sleep with whores rather than rule his kingdom. His extravagance led Kings Landing to debt. Detested by his wife Queen Cersei Lannister, pitied and fooled by others, his only friend is his hand, Lord Eddard Stark. He never realizes that his 'children' are actually the children of the Queen and her brother Jaime. Eventually, he is killed by a boar with the aid of some poisoned wine. top

Baratheon, Stannis -
King Robert's brother and a part of his small council, he mysteriously disappears to DragonStone upon Jon Arryn's death. It is rumored he that he is builing up an army there. Heir to King Robert's throne since Joffrey Baratheon and siblings are actually the children of the twins Cersei and Jaime Lannister. top

Baratheon, Tommen -
Supposedly the second son of King Robert Baratheon, but actually the second son of twins Cersei and Jaime Lannister. Unlike his older brother Crown Prince Joffrey, Tommen is a nice, sweet natured kid. top

A whore that King Robert Baratheon slept with top

Blount, Boros (Ser) -
Unimpressive kingsguard to King Robert and Joffrey Baratheon. top


Cassel, Beth -
Daughter of Ser Rodrick Cassel, and one of Sansa Stark's friends. top

Cassel, Jory -
Captain of the Household guard of Winterfell, he traveled with his Lord Eddard Stark to Kings Landing when Stark was made hand of the King. He died protecting his lord against Jaime Lannister's men. top

Cassel, Rodrick (Ser) -
Master of arms at Winterfell, and Jory's uncle. In charge of training the Starks. top

Chayle (Septon) -
Librarian and Septon of Winterfell top

Clegane, Sandor (The Hound) -
Serves as King Joffrey Baratheon's personal guard, and later becomes a member of his KingsGuard. When he was young, half of his face was burned by his brother Gregor when he took Gregor's doll. Since Gregor became a knight, Sandor hates all knights. He is angry, cynical, cruel and somewhat mad. He treats Joffrey's bethrothed Sansa Stark gently, however. He was the winner of Hand Ned's Stark's tourney. top

One of Khal Drogo's blood riders, he was always kind to Daenerys Targaryen until she asked Mirri Maz Duur to revive Drogo using bloodmagic. Then, he tried to kill her but was shot to death by Dany's bodyguard Aggo. top


Darry, Willem (Ser) -
Helped Daenerys and Viserys Targaryen escape from DragonStone to the free city Braavos. Dany has fond memories of his kindness. top

Dayne, Arthur (Ser, Sword of the Morning) -
Legendary kingsguard of King Aerys Targaryen, he was slain by Lord Eddard Stark while defending the Tower of Joy. Ned returned Arthur's sword, Dawn, to his sister Ashara. top

Dayne, Ashara (Lady) -
Lady of the castle Starfall and sister to Arthur Dayne. She threw herself into the sea when Lord Eddard Stark gave her her dead brother's sword, Dawn. top

Desmond -
A guardsman at Winterfell. top

Helps Ser Rodrick Cassel and the Starks with sword practice top

One of Daenerys Targaryen's handmaids, she teaches Dany the art of love. Dany uses her teachings, and impresses her husband Khal Drogo. top

Drogo (Khal) -

The most powerful of the Dothraki khals, he is said to have forty thousand men. He takes Daenerys Targaryen for a wife in exchange for an army to reclaim the Seven Kingdoms for her brother Viserys. Before this can occur he is injured while attacking another khal. His wounds fester and he later dies. Daenerys tries to bring him back to life with the aid of dark magic, but he returns a shell of his former self. Realizing her mistake, Daenerys puts him out of his misery. top


Erryk (Ser) -
A legendary hero of the Kingsguard, twin to Ser Arryk. Ser Erryk and Arryk killed each other in the war called 'the Dance of Dragons' top


Gage -
The cook in Winterfell top

Gared -
A brother who had been with the Nights Watch for fourty years, yet he broke his oaths and fled when he saw his brothers, Ser Waymar Royce and Will, slain by the others. He was caught and executed by Lord Eddard Stark. top

Greyjoy, Balon (Lord) -
Lord of the Iron Islands, Balon led a rebellion against the crown at Kings Landing. The rebellion was put down by Eddard Stark and King Robert Baratheon, and Balon's youngest son Theon was taken as Eddard Stark's ward. Balon is still angry at the deaths of his two elder sons. A proud, hard, old man, he clings tightly to the Old ways of the Iron Islands. Although he was invited by Robb Stark to retake his kingdom if he helped Robb attack the Lannisters, Balon decides to conquer and take over his kingdom independently. top

Greyjoy, Theon -
Youngest son of Lord Balon Greyjoy was taken as Lord Eddard Stark's ward after Greyjoy's rebellion was put down. He never felt close to Lord Stark, or anyone else in his new family, except Robb Stark. He helped Robb with the war effort, and in return Robb allows him to return to his home with a message to his father Lord Balon, inviting him to participate in the war and take back his crown. Theon, with grand dreams of claming a kingdom, is shocked when his father tosses Robb's message on fire, saying he will win the crown himself. top


Haggo -
One of Khal Drogo's bloodriders, killed by Daenerys Targaryen's bodyguard Jhogo for opposing Dany's command to let Mirri Maz Duur save Khal Drogo using blood magic. top

Harwin -
Son of Hullen, a guardsman at Winterfell. top

Hightower, Gerold(Ser, The White Bull)-
Legendary hero and Lord Commander of the Kingsguard, he was killed by Lord Eddard Stark and his companions while defending the Tower of Joy. top

Hodor (Walder) -
The giant idiot stableboy at Winterfell who smiles a lot and says nothing but "Hodor". Is related to Old Nan. He is in charge of carrying Bran Stark in a basket on his back after Bran's accident. He is afraid of the crypts of Winterfell for some reason. top

Hullen -
Master of Horse at Winterfell, he traveled with his Lord Eddard Stark when Stark was made Hand of the King. top


One of Daenerys Targaryen's handmaids, she teaches Dany how to ride her horse silver top


One of Daenerys Targaryen's handmaids, she teaches Dany how to speak Dothraki. top


Lannister, Cersei (Queen) -
The beautiful power hungry Queen detests her husband, King Robert Baratheon. She plotted to kill the Hand of the King, Jon Arryn, as well as king himself to protect her children. Few know that the heir to the throne, Joffrey, and Cerseiís other children Myrcella and Tommen, really belong to Jaime Lannister, her twin brother and true love. She will do anything to protect her family secrets. top

Lannister, Jaime (Ser, The Kingslayer) -
A member of the elite Kingsguard, he put aside his vows and killed King Aerys Targaryen in the war that won Robert Baratheon his crown. After Joffery Baratheon assends the throne, Jaime is named Lord Commander of the Kingsguard. Few know that Joffery and his siblings are really his children by his twin sister Cersei and not Robertís. His recklessness is his weak point, and causes him to loose the battle at Whispering Wood to Robb Stark. Now, he is a prisoner of the Starks. top

Lannister, Tyrion (The Imp) -
A dwarf from birth, he is not taken seriously and is looked down upon by his own family (except his brother Jaime) and most of the world. As a result of his deformed body, he is forced to use his intellect in most situations. He is a mental force to be recond with, when he can control his big mouth. Accused of trying to assasinate Bran Stark, he is arrested by Catelyn Stark. He successfully escapes imprisonment and unites the mountain clans of the Eyrie to join the Lannisterís cause. He is later sent to Kingís Landing by his father the Hand of the King, Lord Tywin to advise King Joffery. top

Lannister, Tywin (Lord) -
Lord of Casterly Rock,and father of Father to Jaime, Cersei, and Tyrion. Warden of the West and Hand to King Joffery. He leads the Lannister armies against Robb Stark and the powers of Winterfell and Riverrun. He disapproves of Joffrey's actions as King, and sends Tyrion Lannister to KingsLanding to take control. He plans to regroup his armies at Harrenhall. top

Lew -
Helps Ser Rodrick Cassel and the Starks with sword practice top

Luwin (Maester) -
Maester of Winterfell. While Robb is at Riverrun and Ned dies at Kings Landing, Maester Luwin becomes Bran's teacher as well as most trusted advisor. He is always refuting Old Nan's tales of the Others, Giants, dreams and magic. He is always pulling things out of the many pockets he has in his sleeves. top