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Recent Events

George R.R. Martin has announced that the fourth book in the "A Song of Ice and Fire" Series will be A Feast for Crows. It will be set immediately following the action in A Storm of Swords. New POVs include Cersei and one Mr. Martin has declined to name.

  • Congratulations A Storm of Swords has won the Locus award for best fantasy novel of 2000 and has placed second, behind only Harry Potter IV, for the Hugo.

  • Arts and Letters

    ASOIAF ART! Enjoy the fantastic comptuer generated images:

    When the snows fall
    and the white winds blow,
    the lone wolf dies,
    but the pack survives.
    - A Game of Thrones.

  • Characters: A cast of thousands is entertaining, but can be daunting. Let our guide to the characters in the series help out.
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  • The Big Screen: Though the series is far too complex for a brief movie, everyone loves to picture famous (and infamous) faces in the roles of those incredible ASOIAF characters !
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  • Wolves by Dragonart

    George R.R. Martin's magnificent novel Fevre Dream, which won widestpread critical acclaim, has been re-released. With writing as fine as the ASOIAF series, it will help you get through the time between books. Order it from Amazon.co.uk

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