The following are links to reviews of A GAME OF THRONES.

  • rates A GAME OF THRONES as a 'Classic'.
  • Paul Ferris' review.
  • NightStryke compares A GAME OF THRONES to THE WHEEL OF TIME
  • Seized by the Tale's Tane Aikman gave A GAME OF THRONES 5 roses!
  • Pixel Planet's review
  • Henrick's sitehas a good review and allows you to vote on A GAME OF THRONES.
  • eXcelsior's review.
  • Ed's Internet Book review is somewhat less positive than the rest.
  • The following are links to reviews of A CLASH OF KINGS. (Some also contain reviews of A GAME OF THRONES)

  • A review in French
  • Greyboar's review.
  • The Place's review.
  •'s review

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