Please follow these instructions carefully:
1. Mail all pictures to ONLY SUBMISSIONS MAILED TO THIS EMAIL ADDRESS WILL BE ACCEPTED! I do not check the message boards or email lists everyday, and thus may miss any submissions posted there.

2. You can either email me the picture(s) as an attachment, or email it using HTML mail, or send me a link to the picture(s) on the www.

3. You must tell me somewhere on the email who each actor is, and which character in A SONG OF ICE AND FIRE (s)he represents. (A simple statement, such as, 'Mel Gibson-Jon Snow' will do). Please do this, even if it is supposed to be obvious. I do not want to play guessing games.

4. I will accept pictures of almost anyone, as long as (s)he has even a passing resemblence to a character. (Please dont tell me Warwick Davis resembles Sansa, for example). So send in pictures of actors young, old, dead and alive. You can even say, "This is a pic of Mel Gibson 20 years ago, he could play Jon Snow now. Comic characters, anime, video game characters, computer generated images, and even pictures that you may have drawn are also welcome.

5. No pictures of people in underwear, or bathing suits. (As McDonalds says, no shirt, no shoes, no service :D!! Ok, they can have bare feet :D). I understand this may sound strict, but after some of the pics I got, I decided it was the best way to go. Of course, absolutely no nude pictures or pornography.

6. Tell me whether you want to be identified for sending the picture(s). If so, do you want me to use your real name, messageboard ID, or something different?