These communication records are between George R.R. Martin and Revanshe, the original owner of this site.

(Spring 2000) Martin on A STORM OF SWORDS:

It shouldn't be long now, at least for those of you in the UK. The books are back from the printers, and my editor at HarperCollins was kind enough to overnight me the first advance copy. I am holding it in my hands right now. There are many rewards in being a writer, but none as sweet, I think, as opening the first copy of your latest book. Makes it all worthwhile. The British bookshops should be getting their shipments in a week or two, I would estimate. Just when they put the copies out, I couldn't say.

(Received in 2000) Martin on future appearances:

I have also been getting questions about personal appearances during the next year. Bantam will likely be sending me on a promotional tour for A STORM OF SWORDS, but I don't know what dates or cities that will involve. I will be travelling to Germany in October; I plan to appear at a con in Leipzig, to attend the Frankfurt Book Fair, and to do a signing at a shop in Berlin. I will also be in Chicago over Labor Day for the World SF Convention. Rivercon in Louisville, Kentucky in July is a strong possibility, and Westercon in Honolulu over July 4th is a definite. I will be doing readings at most of these cons.

On August 2, 1998,the author of 'A Song of Ice and Fire', George R.R. Martin, visited this site!

I recently had a chance to ask Martin if he had any favorite (or least favorite) characters. His response:

I like all my characters, even the bad guys. You have to like them to climb inside their heads and spend so much time there. Picking one favorite would be impossible for me.

And yes, Martin has read the wacky theories that you wrote in the survey section of this site! I asked him for any comments. His response:

[smile] Well, some of the theorists are hot and some are very cold indeed, but I prefer not to give anything away until the proper time.

Martin chatted with us fans on March 18, 1999. He even gave us some hints about what will happen in A STORM OF SWORDS! Read the transcript.

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