1.Prologue 16. Sansa - 1 31. Eddard - 7 46. Eddard - 12 61. Jon - 8
2.Bran - 1 17. Eddard - 3 32. Tyrion - 4 47. Daenerys - 5 62. Daenerys - 7
3.Catelyn - 1 18. Bran - 3 33. Arya - 3 48. Eddard - 13 63. Tyrion - 8
4. Daenerys - 1 19. Catelyn - 4 34. Eddard - 8 49. Jon - 6 64. Catelyn - 10
5. Eddard - 1 20. Jon - 3 35. Catelyn - 6 50. Eddard - 14 65. Daenerys - 8
6. Jon - 1 21. Eddard - 4 36. Eddard - 9 51. Arya - 4 66. Arya - 5
7. Catelyn - 2 22. Tyrion - 3 37. Daenerys - 4 52. Sansa - 4 67. Bran - 7
8. Arya - 1 23. Arya - 2 38. Bran - 5 53. Jon - 7 68. Sansa - 6
9. Bran - 2 24. Daenerys - 3 39. Tyrion - 5 54. Bran - 6 69. Daenerys - 9
10. Tyrion - 1 25. Bran - 4 40. Eddard - 10 55. Daenerys - 6 70. Tyrion - 9
11. Jon - 2 26. Eddard - 5 41. Catelyn - 7 56. Catelyn - 8 71. Jon - 9
12. Daenerys - 2 27. Jon - 4 42. Jon - 5 57. Tyrion - 7 72. Catelyn - 11
13. Eddard - 2 28. Eddard - 6 43. Tyrion - 6 58. Sansa - 5 73. Daenerys - 10
14. Tyrion - 2 29. Catelyn - 5 44. Eddard - 11 59. Eddard - 15
15. Catelyn - 3 30. Sansa - 2 45. Sansa - 3 60. Catelyn - 9

1. Prologue
Three Rangers, Gared, Will, and Ser Waymar Royce track Wildlings beyond the wall. They find themselves surrounded by the mysterious others who waste no time hacking Ser Waymar to death. Ser Waymar then turns into one of them, and strangles Will. Gared manages to escape... top

2.Bran - 1
Bran views his first execution, of a deserter from the Night's Watch (Gared). His brother Robb finds the direwolves, which become the pets and protectors of the Stark children. top

3. Catelyn - 1
Catelyn brings Ned news that Jon Arryn, hand of King Robert and Warden of the East, has died and his family has returned to the Vale. She also mentions that King Robert is coming to Winterfell to visit the Starks. top

4. Daenerys - 1
Dany is dressed up to be sold to the horse lord Khal Drogo, in return Drogo and his army will supposedly help her brother Viserys regain the Crown and the Seven Kingdoms. They see the knight Ser Jorah Mormont at Drogo's party. top

5. Eddard - 1
Ned takes King Robert to view his sister Lyanna's grave, although Queen Cersei protests. He discovers that Robert wants him to be the next hand. Robert also mentions that his brother-in-law Jaime Lannister will be the new Warden of the East, instead of Robert, Jon Arryn's son. top

6. Jon - 1
Jon asks his uncle Benjen at the banquet for the King and Queen whether he can become a brother of the Nights Watch. He meets Tyrion, who tells him to make the fact that he is a bastard his strength. top

7. Catelyn - 2
Catelyn convinces Ned that he must become the King's new hand, and travel to Kings Landing with Sansa, Arya, and Bran. Jon is to go the Wall. She gets a secret message from her sister Lysa that Jon Arryn was murdered by Queen Cersei. top

8. Arya - 1
Arya watches a fighting match between Bran and Prince Tommen with Jon instead of doing her needlework. She sees crown Prince Joffrey taunt Robb for not being allowed to fight with steel. top

9. Bran - 2
Bran climbs to the Broken Tower. He catches the twins Cersei and Jaime Lannister having sex. He's caught watching, and is thrown from a window ledge by Jaime. top

10. Tyrion - 1
Tyrion eats breakfast with Jaime and Cersei and the kids, and reveals that Bran might yet live, although he has a broken back. His sympathy for Bran concerns Jaime. top

11. Jon - 2
Jon says goodbye to a still unconscious Bran although a distraught Catelyn is not pleased at his presence. He gives Arya a goodbye present - her sword Needle. top

12. Daenerys - 2
Dany weds Khal Drogo in a huge and barbaric ceremony. She receives 3 petrified Dragon eggs, three handmaids, and her horse Silver as wedding gifts. She has her first sexual experience on her wedding night. top

13. Eddard - 2
Ned and King Robert argue about various matters while riding, such as King Robert's desire to assassinate Dany, and his appointment of Jaime as Warden of the East. Robert reveals that Ser Jorah, now serving Viserys, is actually a spy for the throne. Ned reveals that Jaime may have ambitions towards attaining the throne. top

14. Tyrion - 2
Tyrion reads about dragons and gets better acquainted with Jon and his direwolf Ghost on their journey to the wall. He tells Jon that the Nights Watch is mostly made of criminals and lowlifes. He advises Jon to always accept the truth. top

15. Catelyn - 3
A man comes to assassinate Bran, setting fire to the library to distract others. He finds an obsessive Catelyn still guarding Bran, and is killed by Bran's direwolf. He leaves a dagger. Catelyn snaps out of her misery, and decides to go Kings Landing to find out who he was sent by. top

16. Sansa - 1
Sansa meets Lord Renly of the council and Ser Barristan, head of the Kings Guard. She is frightened by Ilyn Payne, the executioner of Kings Landing. She lunches with Joffrey, and later observes a fight between him, Arya and Arya's friend Mycah. top

17. Eddard - 3
A court session is held, and it is decided that Arya and Joffrey will be disciplined by their parents. Queen Cersei decides that she wants direwolf skin, so Ned is forced to execute Sansa's direwolf, Lady. Mycah is hunted down and slaughtered Joffrey's guard Sandor Clegane, the 'Hound'. top

18. Bran - 3
Bran dreams that a crow teaches him how to fly, saving him from death. He finally wakes up and names his direwolf Summer. top

19. Catelyn - 4
Catelyn arrives in Kings Landing and meets with the court 'spider' Varys and treasurer Littlefinger. Littlefinger says that the dragger used by the assassin to try and kill Bran is Tyrion's. top

20. Jon - 3
Jon finds himself miserable on the Wall, making enemies. He gets advice from armorer Donal Noye, who states that most of the other recruits are poor and do not have the training that he has. Tyrion mentions that Benjen Stark has been away too long ranging. Jon receives word that Bran has awaken. He starts to open up. top

21. Eddard - 4
Ned meets with the small council in Kings Landing, and learns that King Robert wants to have a tournament, although the crown is in debt. Ned later meets with Catelyn, and learns about the attempted killing of Bran. He tells her to return to Winterfell and make preparations for war. top

22. Tyrion - 3
Maester Aemon calls Tyrion "A Giant come among us...."(p.205) Lord Commander Mormont tells Tyrion of the Wall's sad plight, and that Winter is coming at last. Jon tells Tyrion to help Bran. top

23. Arya - 2
Arya is miserable and lonely at Kings Landing. She gets advice from her father about sticking together with Sansa in dangerous Kings Landing when Winter is coming. He discovers Needle, and arranges for her to have 'dancing' lessons with Syrio Forel. top

24. Daenerys - 3
Dany adjusts to life as Khaleesi by learning to ride her horse and find pleasure in Drogo's advances after dreaming of being cleansed by Dragon fire. She punishes Viserys for his insolence, making him walk behind the Khalasar. She has a momentous sexual encounter with Drogo; and later finds out that she is pregnant. top

25. Bran - 4
Old Nan tells Bran the story of how the 'Others' first came. Tyrion gives Maester Luwin a design of a saddle that will allow Bran to ride a horse. Yoren from the Nights watch says that Benjen Stark is still not back from ranging. top

26. Eddard - 5
Ned questions Grand Maester Pycelle of the council about Jon Arryn's death. Pycelle mentions that Arryn died suddenly, after mentioning to King Robert that "the seed is strong." (p.252) Littlefinger gives Ned a list of people who worked for Jon Arryn to question. top

27. Jon - 4
Jon befriends and helps out Samwell Tarly, a fat new recruit in the Nights Watch. top

28. Eddard - 6
Ned wonders why Stannis, King Robert's brother, is at Dragonstone. In his investigation of Jon Arryn's death he discovers a bastard of the King, with the King's black hair and eyes, working in an armory. top

29. Catelyn - 5
Catelyn arrests Tyrion in an inn on her way north back to Winterfell, accusing him of trying to slay Bran. top

30. Sansa - 2
Sansa attends the hands tourney. She observes Ser Gregor kill an unknown knight. Ser Loras hands her a red rose. At the banquet afterwards, she observes King Robert declare that he will fight in the melee the next day, although Queen Cersei forbids it. The Hound tells her how his face got burnt by his brother Gregor while taking her home. top

31. Eddard - 7
Ned and Ser Barristan convince King Robert not to fight in the melee. The Hound saves Ser Loras' life from Gregor; Loras hands him victory in turn. Later, Varys tells Ned that Cersei had planned to kill Robert in the melee, and that Hugh (killed by Gregor in the tourney) poisoned Jon Arryn's wine in return for knighthood. Varys warns Ned that he is Robert's only hope from being killed by the Lannisters. top

32. Tyrion - 4
Tyrion attempts to convince Catelyn that he did not send any killer after Bran on their way to the Eyrie. He fights his first battle against the Clansmen of the mountain. top

33. Arya - 3
Arya discovers dragon skulls while chasing cats. She also overhears a conversation between two men (Varys and Illyrio) planning on controlling the world by manipulating the Starks, Lannisters and Dany. She tries to tell Ned, but gets confused. Yoren comes to tell Ned about Catelyn's capture of Tyrion and Benjen's absence. top

34. Eddard - 8
Ned argues with King Robert, telling him not to assassinate Dany and her unborn child. When Robert won't listen, Ned resigns his position as the Hand of the King. top

35. Catelyn - 6
Catelyn reaches the Vale of Arryn and climbs up to the Eyrie. There, she finds that an unhelpful Lysa is angry at her for bringing Tyrion. top

36. Eddard - 9
Ned discovers another one of King Robert's bastards in a brothel, with black hair/eyes. One the way back to the keep, he and his men are attacked by Jaime's men as revenge for Tyrion's capture by Catelyn. His leg is broken; his men are killed. top

37. Daenerys - 4
Dany finally reaches Vaes Dothrak. She and Ser Jorah discuss whether the Dothraki can take over the 7 kingdoms. She tries to give Viserys gifts; but he rudely rejects the clothes she had made for him as 'Dothraki Rags' (p.393). top

38. Bran - 5
Bran goes riding, and is attacked by deserters of the nights watch and wildlings. He is saved by the direwolves and his fathers ward Theon Greyjoy. One of attackers, Osha, is taken prisoner. top

39. Tyrion - 5
Tyrion gets himself in and out of an Eyrie prison by using his big mouth. He demands Lysa to give him trial by combat. Bronn, a mercenary, agrees to fight in his stead. top

40. Eddard - 10
Ned discusses with King Robert Catelyn's capture of Tyrion and Jaime's attack. Robert makes him the Hand again. top

41. Catelyn - 7
Catelyn tries to convince Lysa that Tyrion's 'trial' is a bad idea, but is ignored. Catelyn watches the combat between Ser Vardis and Bronn to decide Tyrion's innocence or guilt. Bronn wins, so Tyrion is allowed to leave the Eyrie by the dangerous High Road. top

42. Jon - 5
Jon advances to become a brother of the Night's Watch. He is worried that Sam will be hurt if left behind in training. He attempts to convince Maester Aemon to take Sam on as his assistant. top

43. Tyrion - 6
On their way out of the Eyrie, Tyrion convinces Bronn to become his bodyguard by promising him gold. He convinces the dangerous Mountain Clans to join them by promising them weapons as well as the Vale of Arryn. top

44. Eddard - 11
Ned holds council and listens to villagers describe how Gregor and the Lannisters pillaged their villages. He sends men to kill Gregor and bring justice. Varys mentions that Ser Loras and Illyn Payne are angry for not being chosen. top

45. Sansa - 3
Sansa gets upset when her father tells her that she is to leave Kings Landing for Winterfell. When Ned tells her that she is not to marry or say farewell to Prince Joffrey, she screams that Joffrey is "...not the least like that old drunken king [Robert]" (p.479). top

46. Eddard - 12
Ned finally figures out the truth Jon Arryn died for after hearing Sansa's words: Blond Prince Joffrey is not King Robert's son, and thus not the heir to the throne. He confronts Cersei, who admits that Joffrey, Myrcella and Tommen's father is actually Jaime. top

47. Daenerys - 5
Dany eats a heart and bathes in a lake and learns that her child will be "the stallion who mounts the world" (p.493) In the feast afterwards, Khal Drogo 'crowns' a drunk sword swinging Viserys in molten gold. top

48. Eddard - 13
Ned visits a dying King Robert, who was slashed by a boar. Robert names Ned Regent, and decides to let Dany live. Varys hints that a Lannister servant may have poisoned Robert's wine. Ned ignores Renly's advice to seize Joffrey to hold the throne from the Lannisters. Ned writes a letter to Stannis saying that he is the true heir. Ned also ignores Littlefinger's advice to put Joffrey on the throne instead of Stannis; he tells Littlefinger to bribe the City Watch to protect him. top

49. Jon - 6
Sam is accepted as Maester Aemons steward. Jon gets angry that he is placed as Lord Commander Mormont's steward instead of as a Ranger, until Sam tells him the advantages of the position. Jon and Sam say their oaths at a Godswood. Ghost brings back a black hand. top

50. Eddard - 14
King Robert dies. Varys mentions that Renly has left south with Ser Loras. Joffrey commands the counselors to swear fealty to him. Cersei rips up Robert's letter making Ned regent. Ned says that Stannis, not Joffrey is now King, and is arrested for treason as the City Watch (bribed by Littlefinger) supports the Lannisters. top

51. Arya - 4
Arya is having a dancing lesson, when the Lannisters come for her. Syrio fights the guards, allowing Arya to escape. On her way out of the castle, she finds Needle and kills a stable boy who threatened to turn her in. top

52. Sansa - 4
Sansa meets Queen Cersei, who says Ned is a traitor. Sansa is asked to write letters asking Catelyn, Robb, Lysa and Lord Hoster Tully to swear fealty to Joffrey to prove that she is not a traitor also. Sansa reveals that she met Cersei earlier against Ned's orders to try to remain in Kings Landing. Ned's letter to Stannis asking him to take the throne is intercepted. top

53. Jon - 7
Jon and Sam see two of Benjen's men, Othor and Flowers, dead but not rotting with black arms and blue eyes. Jon finds out that Ned has been arrested for treason, and attacks Ser Alliser for taunting him. Later, Othor stalks Mormont's chambers, and resists all attacks of Ghost and Jon. As a last resort, Jon flings a burning curtain at him.... top

54. Bran - 6
Robb leads the Starks' bannermen South in defending Riverrun and the North. Bran asks the Old Gods to protect Robb. Osha mentions that Robb should march north to fight the Others and Giants instead. Rickon and his direwolf Shaggy Dog run wild. top

55. Daenerys - 6
Dany convinces Khal Drogo to invade the seven kingdoms. In a visit to the Western Market, she is offered poisoned wine. Ser Jorah, who received a letter, suspects the plot and foils it. Dany tries placing her dragons eggs in fire, but it has no effect. top

56. Catelyn - 8
Catelyn arrives at Moat Cailin and helps Robb with war strategy. The army will be divided into two- the first part will march south and take on Tywin Lannister, while a smaller force led by Robb will help save Riverrun. Robb mentions that Ned's force sent to kill Ser Gregor was defeated. top

57. Tyrion - 7
Tyrion finds his father Lord Tywin at the same inn in which he was arrested by Catelyn. Tywin mentions that Jaime has surrounded Riverrun. Tyrion asks for weapons for his clansmen. They learn that Robb's army is marching, and Tywin convinces the Clansmen to join the Lannister army. top

58. Sansa - 5
Sansa attends King Joffrey's court session. Grand Maester Pycelle reads the names of those required to swear fealty to Joffrey, including the Starks. Janos Slynt, Commander of the City Watch, is made a lord while Ser Barristan Selmy is relieved of his position of Commander of the Kings Guard and disappears. Jaime is made commander, and Sandor Clegane the new member of the Kings Guard. Sansa asks for mercy for her father, and gets it - as long as Ned 'confesses' his treason. top

59. Eddard - 15
Ned, locked up in a dungeon, is visited by Varys. He says that Cersei will visit him the next day asking him to 'confess' his treason, in return she will offer him life by allowing him to join the Nights Watch. Ned is reluctant until Varys mentions that Sansa's life may also be at stake. top

60. Catelyn - 9
Robb's army arrives at the Twins, where Catelyn bargains with Lord Walder Frey. Frey allows the army to cross his bridge with his army- In return, one of Frey's many demands is that Robb must marry one of his daughters. Ser Edmure Tully, Catelyn's brother, has been taken captive by the Lannisters. top

61. Jon - 8
Fire destroyed Othor, and left Jon with a burnt hand. Lord Commander Mormont gives Jon his family sword Longclaw in return for saving his life. He also sends Jon's enemy Ser Alliser to Kings Landing to warn Joffrey of the Others. Jon wants to go to war with Robb. He visits with Maester Aemon, who tells him the reasoning behind the Night's watch vows. Aemon reveals that he is Aemon Targaryen. top

62. Daenerys - 7
Dany saves women being raped by the Dothraki after they pillage a shepherds' village. Khal Drogo is injured and is bound up by Mirri Maz Duur, a healer that Dany saved. The other Dothraki fear her as a Maegi, or a demon-witch. Dany asks Mirri to deliver her child when it is time. top

63. Tyrion - 8
Lord Tywin tells Tyrion over dinner that he and his clansmen will fight in the vanguard. Tyrion sleeps with a whore. The Lannister army fights and defeats the Stark army on Kings Road, but to Lord Tywin's disappointment, Robb is not among the prisoners. top

64. Catelyn - 10
Catelyn listens to the battle taking place near Riverrun as Robb's army traps and defeats Jaime Lannister's army. Jaime is taken prisoner. top

65. Daenerys - 8
A feverish Khal Drogo falls from his horse. Ser Jorah advises Dany to escape, but she chooses to let Mirri try her blood magic to save Drogo. Mirri warns Dany that no one is to enter the tent while she is working. The Dothraki get angry and riot. Dany is attacked by severe birthing pains, and Ser Jorah carries her into the tent... top

66. Arya - 5
Arya lives as a street rat in the slums of Kings Landing. She sees that a boat meant to take her back to Winterfell is actually a trap. She views Ned confessing his 'treason', but Joffrey ignores Cersei's and Varys' advice decides to execute him. Just as Ilyn Payne raises the sword, Arya is captured by Yoren. top

67. Bran - 7
Bran dreams that he visited Ned in the crypts. Upon vising the crypts, they find Rickon, who had the same dream. At first Maester Luwin does not believe them, a raven's arrival confirm's Ned's death. top

68. Sansa - 6
Sansa grieves for her father, and comes to realize that she hates Joffrey. An abusive Joffrey still plans to marry her, and shows her Ned's head. Sandor Clegane shows sympathy for Sansa. top

69. Daenerys - 9
Dany has a dream in which her son dies, and she turns into a dragon and flies. She learns that her son was born dead, and that Khal Drogo lives, but is non functional. Dany questions Mirri Maz Duur, who answers that she plotted this as revenge for plundering her village. Most of the Dothraki have fled. Dany, unable make Drogo coherent, ends his life. top

70. Tyrion - 9
A messenger tells Lord Tywin and council the details of Jaime's capture. Lord Tywin mentions that Renly has fled to Highgarden and now calls himself King. Tywin decides to move his army to Harrenhal. He tells Tyrion to go to Kings Landing to control Joffrey, secretly fearing that Jaime is a lost cause. top

71. Jon - 9
Jon tries to escape from the Nights Watch to help Robb avenge his father's death, but his friends catch up and convince him to return. Lord Commander Mormont makes Jon promise not to run off again, and tells Jon that they are going beyond the wall to find Benjen. top

72. Catelyn - 11
Catelyn arrives at Riverrun and sees her dying father. She attends a council meeting, in which the lords discuss how to deal with the Lannisters and the new King Renly. Catelyn councils for peace, but is ignored as Robb is made 'King of the North.' top

73. Daenerys - 10
Dany performs a funeral service for Drogo by burning him, his precious belongings, Mirri Maz Duur, and her dragon eggs in a funeral pyre. Mirri's death and the heat hatch the eggs, bringing back dragons. Ser Jorah and the remaining Dothraki acknowledge her as their queen. A red comet is viewed across the sky.